Tourism & Hotel management

In parallel with the increasing social change and developments in urban life style, hotel investment in large cities has become one of the most attractive areas. The number of hotels currently available cannot meet the demand in large cities. Building business and convention center hotels in all major residential areas, especially in large cities, where trade movements are intense, has become the most attractive business area. In addition to the construction of new hotels, existing residential buildings and suitable apartments can be converted into a hotel after being combined and modified.

In order to make the most of the existing potential, there are certain requirements that hotels should have. First of all, the facility must have suitable aesthetic structure and adequate technical equipment. Service concept, the variety of activities and their different combinations should provide new experiences to visitors. In addition to the number of rooms and technical equipment, the building's exterior appearance being weak and ineffective, the entrance-exit and transportation being difficult, lack of guidance and visuals, the materials that the user sees and touches having poor workmanship and quality are some of the factors that hinder development in this sector. Today, because this sector is appealing to a highly educated and conscious class of people with high social status and income and considering that the user will not only want to stay, but also take advantage of all other areas of the hotel and without denying the fact that the entire hotel is being used, all areas must be addressed with same utmost care. In line with the emerging needs, we provide services to our clients in this sector by providing support in helping them come out of the maze of legislation and requirements in the field, and foresee the problems that may arise, make them understandable and useful, and we step in the solution phase.

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