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How We Work

Project Initiation

In phase one, the project is not beyond an idea or concept and needs reviewing to figure out if ready for initiation.

Project Planning

Once phase one is complete, starts the planning process, where the goals are set and the roles defined. In an initiated project, clear-cut boundaries should be set to decide on what to achieve and not include with the available budget. This scope will help all the parties be aware of how to move forward and what to focus on throughout the project.


Prototype building allows product designers to identify the problems of potential project safety and/or experience. At this stage, you can analyze all the risk factors associated with your design, from format to function. Prototype building allows you to conveniently determine your ideal method and raw material combinations to achieve your ultimate

Manufacturing and Implementation

The integrated working system is at the center of projects with CNC, Punch, Bending, Laser, Holzmann benches, and machines...


Our experienced logistics service teams have expertise in executing highly comprehensive logistics and on-site installation projects...


During the exploration phase of the project, the efficiency achieved through communication, research, and analysis, lays the ground for the perfect on-site installation by global teams..


Dsign offers uninterrupted maintenance and service in all geographies, 24/7-365 days a year, to ensure efficient projects usage in the long run. Dsign ensures the offering of user experience and brand image to be kept at the maximum level through its functions of spare parts, on-site/depot-level maintenance and repair, instant on-site intervention, transportation, and warehousing.